US Airways MasterCard x 2 no go

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Reader PedroNY followed-up on my Barclays multi-card applications, with a 2-browser test of 2 US Airways Premier World MasterCard, he wrote:

…I figured I’d post a follow up to Barclays applications. I tried more than 1 U.S. Airways application, first one was accepted, second one was flagged as “you previously applied within 30 days for this card…” so did not even process it, I assume no credit pull, or they will combine it into the same one…

I asked PedroNY if he had ever tried to reapply as soon as 31 days, he responded:

I know it works every 91 days (well at least it has for 2012), I haven’t tried it with greater frequency, being that it pulls from TransUnion, and I think you are in NJ, so that is the agency for you, maybe that should be tried out. I keep it “simple”, try to consolidate all of my hits every 3 months or so, mostly for Citi cards reasons, but it maybe worth a try.

If anyone has tried sooner than 91 days, let us know.

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9 years ago

I tried to apply for a second US Airways Mastercard 9 months after opening the first, and was rejected with a “enough sources of credit already” rejection notice. Transunion credit score was 721.

Tried again one month after closing my first US AIrways Mastercard (closed at 1 year), and got denied again with a “recent account just closed”. Transunion credit score was 728.

Applied again two months later, and this time was approved.

Mike L.
Mike L.
9 years ago

I did it after 6+ months from 1st app. No go.

Cindy G
Cindy G
9 years ago

Thanks for testing this, PedroNY, and for reporting it. I was just wondering about this with all the recent simultaneous Barclays apps talk recently.