Lighthouse Landing, Grand Rivers, KY

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The Mrs wanted a traditional rural American experience, a cottage on the water, with peace and quiet. We found award tickets to Nashville, TN, and with the increasingly poor China internet I searched for water around Nashville and a cottage. (Try searching for Nashville, TN on Bing Maps in China, since Google is intermittently blocked, and you get a ‘location cannot be found’ with an arrow on Beijing, and the same result for New York, NY.)

Land Between the Lakes came up sufficiently wet and we honed in on Lighthouse Landing on the north entrance, in Grand Rivers, KY, a 2-hour drive from Nashville Airport.

Lighthouse Landing 005

Lighthouse Landing has a friendly staff and good off-season rates. We got a 2-level, 2-bedroom cottage (N7) with a secluded location and, along with N8, the best view.

Lighthouse Landing 004

The kitchen was fully-equipped and the furnishing comfortable, with excellent internet that did not cut out over a week stay. Only downside for us is that the upstairs bedroom’s bed is quite small, I think a full, and required head-to-toe to sleeping to fit two adults. The site includes lots of RVs and loads of boats, so in the summer it is likely humming. In winter it is a peaceful retreat.

Lighthouse Landing 003

Lighthouse Landing 001

Grand Rivers’ center is a short walk away with the basics and a few restaurants. The city of Paducah is a half-hour away and has all the requisite shopping, cineplex, etc.

It fit the bill for a restive week, and the surprise snow was a treat.

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