Choice Privileges’ odd New Year’s pool game giveaway for 8,000 points

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Choice Privileges has a New Year’s game giveaway from 12/31/12 to 01/14/12.

I say odd because the prizes, 14 winners, randomly selected from eligible entrants, will each receive 8,000 Choice Privileges points, are buried in the terms.

Choice Privileges Pool Game

The game did not load in Firefox for me but did in Chrome. Only 1 entry per person is allowed during the contest and the pool game is just entertaining enough to justify that single entry. When the game is complete there is no confirmation of entry.

There are uses for Choice Privileges points in Europe and Australasia that are worth considering for those who would not set foot in their properties in the US, Loyalty Traveler has an excellent post on Choice in Europe, and Three Things to Know, particularly the forced points expiration policy even with stay activity.

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9 years ago

Won’t wok on iPad as its a flash game