“Flights to Nouakchott are Filling Fast” – Expedia Marketing Fail

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I burst out laughing at the wrong time tonight (meaning in front of my wife) when Expedia exhorted me to complete my recent air search. “Flights to Nouakchott are filling fast.”

Expedia Nouakchott

More likely flights to Nouakchott are disappearing fast than filling fast. Not much demand to get in to Mauritania. With most of its embassies shut down you fly in and hope they let you in.

That’s not all. Expedia trumpets, “There’s So Much to Do in Nouakchott.” One guess how many things they found!

Expedia Nouakchott Things to Do

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6 years ago


For some reason this reminds me of the time that Drew and I followed his non-smart-phone’s GPS directions down a “forest road” that dwindled into nothing until we were stuck in the mud…and the GPS on Drew’s phone kept saying “checking for traffic…..checking for traffic…”

As smart as technology is…sometimes it’s really just not.

6 years ago