“Don’t go to Argentinian restaurants when you are already hungry,” and the triple leche-burger

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“Don’t go to Argentinian restaurants when you are already hungry, because when the food finally arrives you will be starving,” pronounced Mrs. Rapid Traveler after another hour-plus wait for food. Her prime travel pleasure is food, and Argentina immediately became one of her favorites.  She joked at the relief of seeing women tucking into overflowing platters of meat, in contrast to the dainty piles of bland leaves favored by many women in New York when dining together, raising reproachful eyebrows when anything with taste is ordered.

The portions rival US chain restaurants. Dishes meant to be shared among 2-3 can feed twice that number. Here’s a cricket-bat size calzone.

Chile Argentina 105

And this dessert sampler was roughly the price of two desserts, so it was assumed that it would be a collection of mini desserts, not three towering desserts and two large scoops of ice cream.

Chile Argentina 245

The final delight was diminutive but captured the belt-expanding gluttony spirit of the culinary tour, a triple dulce de leche-burger. Coming soon to a Taco Bell near you.

Chile Argentina 249

Though not pictured, the meat was sumptuous. Not the over-salty versions served at Argentinian/Brazilian barbeque joints around the world.

And what better way to capture Argentina’s passions for food and sport than this afternoon scene.

Chile Argentina 104

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