I Should Have Used ‘Do You Know Who I Am?”

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The classic dick move of travel is ‘Do you know who I am?’ Today I wish I had used it.

I flew in on the AA 6:20 am LGA-MSP flight. NY-Minneapolis flights have gotten competitive again now that AA is back in the market.

We arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule, must be the Good Son Bonus as I am home for Mother’s Day weekend.

I headed to Enterprise to pick up my car. They are only above Dollar/Thrifty in my preference to not rent. I agree with Gary Leff on the hassle of the ‘walk around the vehicle of shame,’ which other major US agencies have eliminated. For what I needed, though, with Costco discount they were half of everyone else so I went with it.

I used their kiosk which impressed me on ability to select Enterprise or National rewards. Enterprise now has a rewards program that is dreadful (you can also earn miles with Delta, not other airlines). Lots of upsell though not for any of the protection coverages.

Then I got in line behind 3 people for walk of shame. An agent came up, saying, “Stefan? Stephen?” I thought it was me but a guy ahead jumped out and when the agent said, “Is this your last name?” he nodded and proceeded.

The punchline to ‘Do you know who I am?’ of ‘Does anyone know this man’s name’ was needed here.

I waited and waited. Originally my National status must have jumped the queue. Eventually the line came to me and a different agent called for ‘Stephen, we have an intermediate…’ I said I have a full-size and looked at the tablet.  Stephen B. is not me. I know who I am.

About this time I looked over to the exit and saw a car trying to reverse as the line stacked up behind him. The driver must have learned what is not his name.

Enterprise MSP

I was in such a good mood I watched this all play out in amusement. Next time at Enterprise it is a definite, ‘Do you know who I am?” situation!

Incidentally, Enterprise needs to get with the times. The whole wait in line, hand clipboard to customer, make them stand in line again, walk of shame, hard upsell, grilling on insurance, etc needs to go. At least they don’t have the level of scammy fees found in Dollar/Thrifty and the off-market agencies.

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6 years ago

@John You’re saving over 50%…No amount of annoyance from a sleazy salesman should stop you

6 years ago

@John, I rented from Enterprise in Salt Lake a couple of years ago and was really turned off by the coverages upsell. They wouldn’t take no for an answer until I repeated several times. When I returned the car five days later, the chipper person asked how everything went. I told him, “No problems, but I could do without the high pressure upsell for coverages when I pick up a car.” The reply was a lame, “Some people don’t understand their options, so we want to be sure everything is clear before you go.” I don’t know if things have… Read more »

6 years ago

Uh oh, I am renting from Enterprise over the summer. It is a one-way rental from Salt Lake City and the cheapest rate by more than 50%.

Is Enterprise really THAT bad? Need to think if I should keep the reservation. I last rented from them 20 years ago and had no issues.

We’re all grown folks here, is the pressure to add on insurance, etc any worse than a timeshare presentation that many folks will endure for a few thousand miles/points?

eponymous coward
eponymous coward
6 years ago

Alamo is awesome. Use a kiosk and say no, drive off.