Travel Romance in Hotel Amenities: Shiseido at Country Inn

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I had been South Pacific island hopping for the prior two weeks when my wife and I met at Omaha’s airport ahead of the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting.

I was treading on eggshells and waited nervously as she entered our room at the Country Inn & Suites Omaha Airport. The Club Carlson booking calendar opens up to 3 years and their hotels are easier than many to snag on points for that weekend.

Being a US hotel, my wife first headed to the AC to confirm it was one of the dreaded under window wall units that rumble through the night. I heard only a sigh.

Next stop for her is always the bathroom to inspect the facilities and amenities. I heard a “huh,” followed a moment later by a “wait, a US hotel wouldn’t have Shiseido…you must have put them there. Ah, now I see the US amenities. Pantene.”

I can’t claim to be too romantic when away for two weeks, though I did carry those packets from the first day of the trip when I transited Tokyo, played the Star Wars arcade game in the ANA lounge and showered. Any extra weight is not easy with those 7 kg airlines.

She normally refused to accept any ‘gift’ that come to me by an airline or hotel, and she is expert at spotting them, though this time she was so happy to have a smooth emulsion that I stayed out of trouble for a full half hour.

Readers, what gifts have you made of travel amenities?

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Tell her Tony Moly is the most popular brand in Korea now. Try not to buy SKII at Sasa as they have bad reputation to mix fake items…you do find bargains sometimes though.


To Drew’s mild annoyance, his mom squirreled away every single amenity we came across in the French Polynesian bungalows we treated her to this fall. Low and behold, the amenities reappeared as Christmas gifts a month later at the Macomber family Christmas gathering. 😀
Reactions to the gifts ranged from confusion to amusement, but I thought it was adorable 😀


that’s very sweet of you. Next time put some SKII there, will you?


Brilliantly done.


Hilarious, although I’m not sure if you put your wife in the best light here. I should do this when I take my family camping.

BTW, I recognize those packets!