Credit card churners must check out today’s Close to Home comic

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Today’s Close to Home comic is a hoot for anyone with miles and points as a hobby. I would love to embed the image but that seems a no-no at You will have to click here to see it.

This suggests an untested (?), high-risk/high-reward route for credit card bonuses. Maybe some extremists have already found a way to do this, perhaps speaking of it in code on Dan’s Deals, no doubt getting it to ring up as an Ink Bold category bonus.

This and my other favorite travel comics now have a home on Pinterest. I am quietly playing with it this week, trying to be only a year behind the latest hot social media thing. I am testing some ideas to see if it can be useful to readers, essentially a grab bag of travel miscellany that interest me but I never get around to blogging about. Reader suggestions are welcome. Here’s the link to my pinter-thingy.

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Grant Thomas
Grant Thomas
10 years ago

In case you can’t find it, its this comic: