Mosaic?! Is there any elite program name worse than JetBlue’s new non-elite program?

TrueBlue Mosaic. Reminds of 1990s-style overzealous push to absurd lengths for political correctness.

Seth Miller, the Wandering Aramean (and new Fodor’s correspondent, congrats!) broke the story on JetBlue’s planned elite program, that JetBlue denies is an elite program.

Medusa Mosaic Detail

Why? Photo by RBerteig

A core component of the allure of elite programs is ego-inflating status names like Executive Platinum and Diamond Medallion. JetBlue’s faux-egalitarianism preservation move does a good job of inoculating against credential-brandishing members annoying general passengers. Who is going to say, “Where is the Mosaic security line?” “Excuse me, this boarding lane is for Mosaics only.” “I can’t even remember what it was like to fly before I was a Mosaic.”

Readers, is there any worse elite program name? Any status you have that you are embarrassed to flash in public?

Airbus A320 Jetblue

Photo by curimedia

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It is a “Mosaic badge,” not an elite level. 😉

I think the name is a bit silly but I get past that sort of thing pretty quickly and look at the benefits. In this case I think they did a pretty good job. The threshold to qualify is a bit high, but it is still a pretty good option for folks in NYC and Boston who are commuting on JetBlue these days.

Rapid Travel Chai

@Seth – ooh, maybe this badge can be added to Cub Scout badges?

I have been meaning to try JetBlue at some point now that I am officially NYC-based, heard positive things about it from you and many others. Looks like a good Caribbean option for some country collecting.