My Counting Countries Interview, Talking the Travel I Love Most

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My interview on Counting Countries is live. This is a fantastic new podcast from Ric Gazarian. I have enjoyed every episode of its fascinating, diverse travelers. I feel like an ordinary guy among them. Have a listen!

Those on the pursuit to see the world, the whole world, will find a fun community in our facebook group Every Passport Stamp.

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4 years ago

Fascinating discussion, with some very helpful concrete tips. Thanks for calling attention to the podcast. I’ll be checking out the archives as well.

4 years ago

I absolutely love this eposdie! I didn’t fall asleep and really enjoy thus piece 😉 My take is your traveling sounds much much more interesting on this podcast than your blog. Wait, that prorblay because you didn’t write about so many stories you said. What a beautiful story that you met someone in Africa who used to live in Minnesota. You should write about it. A little creepy at the end that you ran into Harry whoever it is in Istanbul. Did you stalk him? Who is Harry? There are too much background information that I am confused. I am… Read more »