Closing Out Amazon Payments – Good Recordkeeping

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Amazon Payments is shutting down on October 13. Many of you are rushing to close out your last payments with the service.

Take a moment to download your account history as well. No telling how long Amazon will keep history available so get it while you have the chance.

You only need to log in to your account, view activity and click to download.

Amazon Payments activity

You can choose a CSV or tab delimited file. I use CSV since that works fine in Excel.

Amazon Payments download

If you select more than a few years, or have too much activity, you get a warning that data may be incomplete. I downloaded in 2-year chunks without issue.

Amazon Payments data error

Why download your history? Well, many of the activities that we use to earn miles, to an outside observer, can look similar to activities with which we do not want to be associated. Also, for tax purposes it is better to have thorough records as well in case there is ever any question where this comes into play.

So, take a few moments this weekend and get your data.

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8 years ago

Good call, and a prudent thing to do! Thanks for the reminder.

I am just hoping that they will reset the limit on 12th and allow one more transfer!