FlyMontserrat’s Loyalty Program Appears to Have No Benefits

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My new loyalty program for the day is FlyMontserrat.

I have been laboring over a last minute trip next week for some Caribbean island hopping, picking up where I left off in May at Nevis. If the trip goes according to plan I will dart back and forth in a swatch from Antigua to Grenada. The US Bank FlexPerks booking on LIAT almost did me in and they still need to send me a paper ticket. LIAT’s infamous lack of reliability, its competitor WinAir has the tagline “The dependable airline of the Caribbean,” has the potential to disrupt my trip at many turns. Not making nonfeundable hotel reservations. Should be fun!

With my LIAT ticket showing a ticket number, I proceeded to book my daytrip from Antigua to Montserrat on the only airline serving the island, FlyMontserrat.

I registered a profile and have a loyalty program number. There is a dashboard showing metrics earned. I can’t find any evidence of benefits to the program, its metrics’ value, or even its name. Maybe it is a standard software package and they will launch when they can move to a revenue-based model.


FlyMontserrat partners with one of the great names for an airport lounge, the Big Banana Club 17°61° Executive Lounge, which is also a Priority Pass lounge.

I delight in the quirky corners of the travel world, even is such well-worn tourist trails as the cruise ship lanes of the Caribbean.

Readers, any tips for must-do, quick activities in:

  • Antigua (sorry, Barbuda, for ignoring you)
  • Montserrat
  • Guadaloupe
  • Dominica
  • Martinique
  • Barbados
  • St Lucia
  • St Vincent
  • Grenada
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7 years ago

Well, its probably late but I would add that traffic is surprisingly bad on the French Islands and they are annoying big. hahaha.
Dont feel bad about ignoring Barbuda, I just ignored Tobago because it has nothing unique to it.
I cut Dominica from my plan because I was afraid of the unreliable ferry.

How long do you spend on an island? less than a day? I found two days to be too long.

7 years ago

these 2 make, the now-defunct, DAE seem like a well oiled machine

7 years ago

Brilliant dead pan.

Also of note regarding the lounge:

“Well-behaved children below the age of 12 can use the facility for US$18.”


“the youngest age an infant can be to travel is 48 hours old.”

But yes, the loyalty program is not yet an infant:

“Passengers will be able to access their ‘Profile Area’ to see the history of all their flights and it is planned that FlyMontserrat will use the flights stored in these Profiles to benefit each passenger through a Loyalty Scheme.”