Citi Benefits Builder for Downloading Guide to Benefits

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Yesterday I sleuthed around to get some of the Chase Guide to Benefits download links. Reader Miles pointed out that Citi makes this easy with its Benefits Builder website.

Benefits Builder is impressive. There are tabs for My Summary, Travel Benefits, Shopping Benefits, Credit & Account Protection, Event Access, and Rewards.

Citi Benefits Builder 05

There are Quick Links to the right that include Card Welcome Kit.

Citi Benefits Builder 04

The summary is presented by card, highlighting included benefits, no-added cost opt-in benefits, and for-pay opt-in benefits.

Citi Benefits Builder 01

Each benefit has a short description, and where applicable links to more detail. Importantly, there are links to Summary of Additional Program Information that go to the crucial actual benefits guide in PDF format.

Citi Benefits Builder 02

Benefits Builder has a number of useful features that we will explore in the next post.

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