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Credit card benefits guidess are critical to understand benefits and use them. Perhaps no surprise that most credit card companies do not provide them online or make them extremely difficult to find. The only cards I have found where the benefits guides are provided clearly in account management are Bank of America business cards, though not their personal cards.

Yes, you can call in to request a paper copy, but that is a hassle and not as flexible as digital formats. I try always to carry the benefits guide for cards for which I used to buy air tickets or rent cars in case of an issue. Sometimes I forget or used a different card. Seems it should be easy to pull these up online.

Last fall Chase updated the Guide to Benefits for a number of their cards and emailed on several, providing a link to view online. I received emails for my IHG Rewards and Marriott Rewards cards. Both pointed me to the link for Chase’s Visa Signature Guide to Benefits:

IHG Reward Credit Card Guide to Benefits

I thought I would pull up my other cards so went to Unhelpfully, it provides no links, only providing a statement: “Thank you for visiting Chase. To access your Guide to Benefits, please refer to the insert, letter or e-mail you’ve received from Chase and use the link provided.”

Chase Guide to Benefits Landing Page

I don’t see the point of all that secrecy, all the guides are public information to any cardholder. So I hunted around and got the following. Some clearly specify a card, some are generic and seem to apply to several cards. Many of their travel rewards cards are Visa Signature so that likely includes several in your wallet.

Even assuming that generic Visa Signature covers several personal cards, there are gaps, especially on the business side. I tried calling Chase and the agent had never heard of this website and tried to shunt me over to Visa or MasterCard. Then she got me over to the Benefits Administrator who also had never heard of this website and bounced me back over to customer service to a guy who also had never heard of the site, tried really hard, but come up with nothing.

I did today receive my new cards from recent applications for Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire Preferred, and United MileagePlus Explorer Business and all had inserts touting their respective links.

Chase, and other card issuers, please make these public. You make Cardmember Agreements easy to find, please do it for benefits, too.

Readers, please contribute any more you find.

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  1. […] Signature comes with better benefits than Platinum. Usually they are reserved for those with Very Good – Excellent credit and usually have a minimum credit line around $5000. I'm too lazy to search for a Chase specific guide, but here is one from TD bank that should be pretty similar to any bank.…omparison.html Here are links to many of the Chase benefit guides if you want to dig into the details. http://rapidtravelchai.boardingarea….ownload-links/ […]

  • Tracy T.

    Thank you! This is a great resource. I’m going to bookmark this page now.

  • Miles

    Citi’s guides can be downloaded online from the benefit builder website, if you already have the card.

  • @Miles – thank you, I will check out Citi.

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  • Leon


    Would you know how to find the guide to benefits for the
    United MileagePlus Explorer Visa signature?

    I would be really grateful!

  • @Leon – I have not yet found a working link and calling Chase produces nothing when I try, unfortunately best I can recommend is to call or secure message them to request a hard copy by mail.

  • Leon

    @Rapid – Thanks for the answer! I will give them a call.
    I couldn’t agree more with what’s being said here: it’s very hard to understand how such basic information is so hard to find!!

  • Dagger

    I did some trial and error based on the other links and found the link for the Guide to Benefits for the regular MileagePlus Explorer Card (non-Platinum):

  • @Dagger – great, thanks!

  • Ryan

    For anyone looking for a link to the Ink Plus (Visa Signature) Guide to Benefits, here it is:

  • @Ryan – thanks for the contribution, very helpful.

  • Peter Ballou

    I just received an upgrade to Chase Freedom Visa Signature. It included a booklet that is more recent than the one contained in the link above. It is “Effective 4/1/14” and its number is BGC10373. I cannot find it on line.

  • Michael

    The Chase Freedom Visa Signature Guide to Benefits (BGC10373) effective 4/1/14 PDF is available at:

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Michael – thanks for contributing this.

  • m

    This is very useful, thanks!

  • The Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Visa Signature card is here:

    This is particularly important as it provides primary liability coverage (just like the Visa Platinum, but + all the other Signature benefits) on rental cars. Just guessed the numbers. VW3 also goes to some other Visa Signature card.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Ben Yu – thanks for digging that up. On terminology it s important to not it provides primary CDW, damage to your rental car, not liability, and as no card does, and I am not otherwise insured, I purchase liability at the exorbitant rental agency rates.

  • Mike

    The link to the CSP Visa now redirects to the agreement for the regular Chase Sapphire Visa.

    Here’s a link to the Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Signature, dated July 23 2014, and the same for the CSP World Elite Mastercard

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Mike – thank you for the update.

  • Alika

    As near as I can tell, Chase posts a variety of the United MileagePlus Visa card Guides To Benefits at URLs that begin with and end with another capital letter and then a single numeral (e.g. …/unitedVW3, etc.).

    The similar formula for the range of MileagePlus MasterCards is (e.g. …/unitedMP1, etc.).

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Alika – thanks for digging in to this, very helpful.

  • andreas

    I’d love to get my hands on the guide for ritz carlton card.

    I’m struggling to find a card that has the best across the board benefits. I think CSP is the best right now since it includes award tickets.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @andreas – I’ve got the card, not a link to the benefits. I don’t see anything that jumps out as better than the other Chase travel cards.

  • andreas

    thanks RTC.

    Also, people can find more updated guides by doing this google search

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  • GeezerGeek

    Unfortunately, the Benefit Guides for many of the Chase Cards are not under the site. The Google search could not find the Benefits Guides for either my Chase AARP card or my Chase Amazon card. I can find the Benefit Guide information for all of my Citi cards when I log onto my Citi account. Chase should also post that information online under the account ites but they don’t. Why should they worry ….they are “too big to fail.”

  • GeezerGeek

    Opps. My Google search of the Chase site did not find the AARP guide but andreas’s search did. I just searched for the word “Guide” or “benefits” on the site. I don’t know why that didn’t work for the AARP guide but neither search works for the Chase Amazon card.


    Does anyone have a link for the IHG World MasterCard?

  • Scot Rosenberg

    I played around with the link and found the Ritz Carlton one


    Thank you so much for these links to the Guides to Benefits. I completely agree with you. Why does Chase make is so difficult (impossible, actually) to find them on their website. Having the PDFs for the guides is critically important when traveling. I am so grateful to you for doing the work.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @ANDREA – you are welcome, many have contributed to the start I gave.

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