Novy Afon, Abkhazia

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Bullet holes in a monastery wall. There are always reminders of the 1993 war in Abkhazia.

Novy Afon 03

Novy Afon 01

Novy Afon 02

I finished my morning circuit of Sukhumi and had to bolt for the Russian border, chartering a taxi to get me to Novy Afon Monastery, the premier tourist attraction in a land with no tourists. The setting is appropriately tranquil with a few local worshippers in the church and enjoying the sunny crowds on the bluff overlooking the Black Sea.

Novy Afon 04

Novy Afon 05

Novy Afon 06

I pulled myself away, descended the mountain to another war monument and took up position in a giant oyster shell bus stop. I flagged down a bus heading west which got me to a market town and the another bus dumped me within walking distance of the border.

Novy Afon 07

Novy Afon 08

I left the eerie silence of Abkhazia and was greeted by a stern Russian border agent that…wanted to know who invited me and why I was going to Kaliningrad.

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Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago

@guera- where have you been traveling lately?

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago

@guera – with great difficulty. Though I did encounter more English in Abkhazia than Sochi (pre-Olympics). In Sochi some bus drivers were helpful, some just fed up in dealing with me.

10 years ago

How are you communicating with the locals? Seems like that would be the biggest issue there. Sorry if you’ve covered this in earlier posts. I’ve been traveling and need to catch up.

Mr. Cool
Mr. Cool
10 years ago

that shell is pretty sweet