Andaman Islands: Ross & Viper Islands, The ‘Angkor Wat of British Rule’

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See also in the Andaman Islands series, Where, Why and Sherlock, Practicalities, and Port Blair Cellular Jail and the image on the 20 Rupee note.

The boat tour of Ross & Viper Islands is the full India package tour experience.

What is an India package tour experience like? Here’s an ear-shattering clue:


First stop is North Bay for swimming. People watching is the best activity. I grew impatient to get to the British ruins at Ross & Viper.

Andaman Islands 013

Andaman Islands 014

Andaman Islands 021

Andaman Islands 015

Andaman Islands 016

Andaman Islands 017

Andaman Islands 018

The the good stuff. Ross Island, administrative center of British occupation until a 1941 earthquake prompted a move to Port Blair. Most tourists stay near the boat, so explore the trails at the back of the island for the Japanese WWII bunkers. Watch for deer.

Andaman Islands 022

Andaman Islands 024

Andaman Islands 025

Andaman Islands 026

Andaman Islands 029

Andaman Islands 031

Andaman Islands 032

Andaman Islands 033


Andaman Islands 034

Andaman Islands 036

As the sun droops, the boat heads to solemn Viper Island and its gallows.

Andaman Islands 038

Andaman Islands 039

Andaman Islands 040

Andaman Islands 041

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9 years ago

so were the natives as Sir Arthur described? 🙂

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  Phil

@Phil – to be serious about it, one of the biggest issues facing the island is immigration pressure from the Indian mainland. The native inhabitants are mostly pushed out of Port Blair and are in more remote areas that require further permits so that they maintain some of their lands. My brief stop seemed like no different from any other Indian city.

9 years ago

sounds familiar

9 years ago

Beautiful, evocative pictures of the ruins!
But now for something really important, how was the food?

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  guera

@guera – food is pretty basic, my hotel was a bit far from town and it included meals so I mostly ate there. The town is mostly places that would make tourists a bit cautious in terms of hygiene. On the boat tour the packaged lunch was simple.