Delta’s Million Miler Gift – The Country Taxation List

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I am being a snob today as I fly in Delta Business Elite from Shanghai-Detroit-New York LGA, first posting about Choice Benefits, now about Million Miler status. I just want to clear out my Delta folder as I move on and try to line up an appropriate time for an United 1k Challenge.

I got my 1 Million Miler the day Delta gutted many of their partner relationships. The gift is a choice of luggage from Hartmann or Tumi, and jewelry from Tiffany & Co. Hartmann luggage looks really old, and some of the pieces are those ultra-wide garment rollers that are favored by women executives who take people out at the ankles as they roar through airports. Tumi is generic show-off, like carrying a LV purse. My wife did not me want to think she can be bought off from my travel so wanted nothing of what the jewelry would symbolize. So, I sought out Hans Mast for advice on my first Amazon sale.

I did find the tax aspect of the terms interesting:

Delta Million Miler Gift Shipping

I am curious of what unites this collection of countries. Are countries like China excluded because they do not charge duties or because of other considerations? I am tempted to try having my gift shipped to one of these countries at random.

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Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@Matt – Zaire is a classic, they need to refresh their list!

9 years ago

I suggest Zaire or Serbia & Montenegro. This list is so random – the Commonwealth of Independent States (who are all listed separately except for Tajikistan). British Guyana, French Guiana, Guyana, and Guyane (don’t want to lose anything in translation…) Tahiti AND French Polynesia…