Don’t Stiff Friends: How to Generate Great Amex Refer-a-Friend Offers

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Amex Refer-a-Friend offers typically have presented a dilemma: public offers were better.

Prior Amex SPG offers for instance, might have a public offer of 30,000 while refer-a-friend is for 25,000 with 5,000 going to the referrer. All together it is 30k. Do you pocket 5k for your trouble and let your friend only have 25k?

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of Amex. I have included links to posts that include refer-a-friend offers from myself and my wife, all equal to the public offer. Thank you for your support. For the other cards mentioned, you can use the public offers or those of affiliate bloggers, should you choose to support them.

Amex Refer-a-Friend Gets Great:

Last fall we started to consistently see refer-a-friend offers matching the best public offers, even limited-time increase public offers. First was Delta, and now Hilton and SPG.

With Delta last year you could refer friends up to the last day of the offer. The new wrinkle is these refer-a-friend offers are now either targeted to specific accounts or disappear well before the published expiration date.

I grabbed the Hilton Surpass 100k + weekend offer from my account link right away. Trying to pull it up again later it no longer shows in my account, though the link still works.

My father never got the 100k + weekend cert offer in his account. Same for my wife with SPG Business 35k. Now she has the SPG Business 35k offer and requests you use it by 4/5/17.

Amex Hilton Surpass 100k Refer-a-Friend Form

Refer-a-Friend Background:

US Credit Card Guide has a detailed report on refer-a-friend offers from major US card issuers. Study it.

Doctor of Credit has complied Amex 2017 refer-a-friend offers. Scan it.

Amex refer-a-friend offers typically appear in the following places:

  • Your Offers in your online account management page
  • The Card pages for new sign-ups, looking at the cards you already have (must be logged in to your account)
  • Amex mobile app

How to Generate the Best Offers?

If like my father and my wife you do not have the best offer, how do you generate it?

People in the deep recesses in the internet routinely figure out general links that work for specific offers. You open the link, log in with your Amex account (you must have the card), and can generate the offer. Enter your email on the form to receive your refer-a-friend link.

The good Hilton and SPG ones running right now are all links specific to those offers. Older, general links you find in Google results are not generating these offers.

I don’t know who finds these links or how they are found. Miners deep in the caverns of Reddit churning must uncover them.

Via Doctor of Credit and Running With Miles, here are the current Hilton and SPG refer-a-friend generator links:

Disclaimer: no warranty is given on the efficacy of the links.

Be on the lookout for future Amex refer-a-friend offers on your cards.

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5 years ago

Great link to refer a friend!