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3 Toronto Suburban Gems to Avoid Carpocalypse

Toronto’s ever-worsening traffic snarl in the lead-up to the 2015 Pan Am Games sent us scurrying to the suburbs. The received wisdom is a day trip to the Niagara region, which is a long drive and appears not without heavy weekend traffic from locals visiting their cottages. Oakville is an affluent lakeside community  with deep…

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Myrtle Beach and Seafood Delight in Sunset Beach, North Carolina

Crass and tacky. Myrtle Beach has every manufactured chain tourist experience known to Americans along both splits of Highway 17, with little distinctively local. From Medieval Times to Ripley’s they are all there. Unlike a kitschy charm of Wisconsin Dells, these all are transplanted in by large corporations. The beach is standard, I hear the…

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Dining in Grenoble, France – double dinner: clients happy, wife mollified

Bring a spouse on a business trip is a delicate proposition, especially when the only one. Sunday night in Grenoble, France produced an unexpected client dinner and I selected classic seafood and sauerkraut cafe Les Archers, one of the new restaurants open on Sunday not named Speed Rabbit Pizza or similar. The food is superb…

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