Check Out this Exposé on Mileage Brokers, from a Blog You Should be Reading

For all you interested in buying and selling you miles, Singapore-based Aaron of The MileLion did a deep investigation of brokers of Singapore Airline KrisFlyer miles. Check it out here: The Marvelous World of Online Mileage Brokers.

The follow-up is Singapore Airlines Responds and Doesn’t Respond to the Mileage Broker Story.

The MileLion

I am reading more non-US miles and points blogs lately because many US ones have become deals blogs (Hurry!! $5 off $15 at Papa John’s!).

Aaron specializes in round-the-world tickets: start here and then see his full RTW archive.

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  • KatyMax

    Great article.

  • Ken Y.

    This blogger in Singapore is a shit-stirring, needy idiot thirsty for attention.

  • jediwho

    Great observation on US blogs. They have turned into getting $5 coupon deals and rewriting press releases a couple of days later.