So Long Chase Fairmont Card, Chase Force Converting to Chase Sapphire Preferred

Earlier this year Chase removed applications for the Fairmont card and now the dreaded notice has come.

myFico user maestro07 has shared a letter received today from Chase detailing the change (thanks to IAD Gr8 for sharing).

Chase Fairmont to Chase Sapphire Preferred

My wife and I both have the card, and have not yet received the letter.

Key points:

  • Conversion happens August 15, 2017
  • All Fairmont cards converting to Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Points earned until last statement date prior to August 15, will be in the card’s Fairmont rewards program
  • Fairmont points can be redeemed until August 15, 2017; primary rewards are free night certificates
  • Points will be converted to Ultimate Rewards on August 15, 2017, at an unspecified ratio, presumably 1:1
  • If you have spent $12,000 in your cardmember year, you will get the 1 night certificate on your anniversary or 8-10 weeks from August 15, 2017, whichever is sooner
  • Those who do not have a full-year to spend the $12,000 on their cardmember year will get a courtesy anniversary good to February 28, 2017 if they spend $6,000 by August 15, 2017, exact anniversary date eligible not specified (and you cannot get more than 1 free night certificate in this year)

I doubt any Fairmont card holders will be happy about this. Other than honoring the free night for spend for this year, all the great benefits of the card are going away.

Nothing is being offered in the move to what is now a rather pedestrian card. I need a card with ability to transfer Ultimate Rewards to airlines and hotels, otherwise I have no use for a Chase Sapphire Preferred.

I will try for retention offers from Chase and then see how fast I can upgrade to a Chase Sapphire Reserve or downgrade to a Freedom.

Readers, will you use your Fairmont points for free night certificates or let them convert to Ultimate Rewards?

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  • choi lu

    what about Fairmont status, by having the card, it comes with a mid level status. I m in the same situation with the Fairmont card, but have not receive the letter yet.

  • Sharon K

    I got the notice today and I was THRILLED. I had a CSP at one point, but downgraded it to something else expecting that I would get a new one in a year or two. Then the dreaded 5/24 rule came into being and I was locked out, probably forever given my credit card habits. Now I’ve got my CSP again. Sure, I don’t get an intro offer. But my 16K of utterly worthless Chase Fairmont points will be converting to over $200 worth of UR points. I got a lot of value out of the Fairmont card in the first year with a trip to Hawaii, but haven’t been able to come up with any way to use it since. I even spent $12K to earn a free night, but it expired before I found a way to make use of it. I almost cancelled the card when the AF came due, but decided to hang on just in case it was converting to something I wanted. And sure enough, it did!

  • It is not mentioned so we should plan for status to be good through the current program year and then cut off in 2018.

  • Falcon Ruan

    It’s kind of a one-time activation. Your membership is activated every March for the entire program year, as long as you are a cardmember. Since you won’t have this card next March, your status will also end by the next Feb.

  • Kate

    My spending is about $7000 at the moment. I got the card in January. Is your interpretation that if you do $12000 before August 15th, then you have a full year for the free nights? I’m fine with putting another $4000 on the card, especially with the prospect of the points turning into ultimate reward points.

  • For sure with $12000, also likely with standing pat since you are over $6000, though I would want that in writing from them via secure message since they do not give a date in the letter.

  • Kevin

    Wonder what the endgame will be if we already have a CSP……

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  • Amol

    I’m about $800 away from $12K, wondering if it’s worth it to complete it to get a free night with longer expiration than end of February 2018 (it would turn into UR points).

  • For you, $800 is nothing to spend, I would do it. Hotel certs so great, then the clock starts ticking. Our set this year we are using just before expiration.

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  • andimal

    You will shortly have 2 CSP. Chase lets you have more than one of the same product if done by conversion

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  • Randy

    Same question as Stefan, anyone???

  • Steve

    What would happen if you complete the $6000 in spending by August 15, but your annual fee is charged around Sept 1 and cancel the card to avoid the fee, will the free night still be credited to my account?

  • Once the cert lands in your Fairmont account you are good to cancel the card. Remember to liquidate your card points through Fairmont or if already converted to Ultimate Rewards, though those many options or transfer to another UR-earning card.