Citi AT&T Cards Ending Gift Card and Rent Pay Online Shopping Bonus

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Another great points haul is coming to an end.

Recently, Chase Sapphire Reserve stopped earning 3x on Plastiq rent/mortgage payments.

Now comes Citi.

I have both Citi AT&T Access More and Citi AT&T Access accounts. I just received emails from Citi for both that the online shopping bonus of 3x/2x will stop on July 22 for gift cards and rent payments:

Citi ATT Access More Real Estate

The categories eligible to earn 3x ThankYou Points for purchases made with your AT&T Access card are being updated. Beginning July 22, 2017, you’ll only receive 1 point, not 2x points, for every $1 spent online on the purchase or reloading of gift cards or on rental and real estate payments.

Please note, you’ll still earn 2x points on every $1 spent on purchases made online at eligible retail and travel websites, including department and warehouse websites, online travel agencies and airline websites.

This has been a great ride on my rent payments. Sad to see it go.

Depending what services you are using for gift cards or rent pay, you may want to still test after July 22 to see what happens.

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