Take Note: JetBlue 25% Off Awards is a Recurring Sale

JetBlue emailed TrueBlue members of a flash 25% off award sale through August 4. Key terms:

  • Book between now and August 4th
  • Fly September 7 – November 16, 2016 (Blackout dates 10/6 – 10/16/16)
  • Fly Mon – Thurs and Sat. (not valid for flights on Fri. or Sun.)

See full details here.

JetBlue Award Sale

Lost in the hype, and important for those like me that did not pay attention to JetBlue until PointsMatch, a quick search this sale appeared in March for 25% and May for 15%, and probably farther back if I keep searching.

So I will not ‘Hurry!’

After our first JetBlue flights this weekend we have no desire to again set foot on their planes. Probably good the block out Sunday flights since if you were to book one you may be returning Monday anyway.

We will have the PointsMatch 75,000 x 2 to work through, though, so I may yet get the Barclaycard JetBlue Plus card for a 30,000 sign-up bonus, then set up family pooling to bring my wife’s points over and max out the credit card 10% redemption bonus points.

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  • Shannon

    I really like Jet Blue and think they are better than the big three. Why you have no desire to fly them again?

  • Eric

    I’m curious to hear your story as well. I did my first JetBlue roundtrip – for the points match – ORD-JFK a couple weeks ago. Other than it being JFK – which is a major negative in it’s own right – the flights were uneventful and perfectly adequate. Nothing special, to be sure, but adequate.

    However, I realize I may have merely had good luck. I was thinking of using the points for Mint to the caribbean so I’ll fly them again at some point.

    Curious to hear your tale.

  • @Shannon, @Eric – in my subsequent asking around the issues reported have been the same: when things go well JetBlue is a fine experience, when there are disruptions, JetBlue’s performance is often significantly worse than other carriers. In our case it was a Sunday rainstorm in New York that caused JetBlue to scrub their schedule while the others carriers mostly powered through, some flights at multi-hour delays. We were in the mountains of NH without phone service when they canceled our flight 6 hours prior to departure, by the time we got the message and connected any decent alternative was gone, and the rebooking did not happen until about 3 hours after cancel, sticking us on a midday flight on Monday and costing my wife a day of work. With status on Delta, as a comparison, the auto-rebooking is moments after a cancel. I saw similar posts about this and thought it was the same weekend, then I realized they were talking about the week before.