The Odd Thing About Southwest CEO’s 737 MAX Letter

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Not being an aviation expert I’ve not publicly commented on the 737 MAX.

Southwest CEO, Gary Kelly, just did in a letter to customers.

Here’s Gary from the official Southwest media page:

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly, image courtesy Southwest Airlines

Hi Gary.

Here’s the email of the CEO letter:

Southwest CEO 737 MAX email

Great that the Southwest CEO is speaking directly to customers. I’ve not received proactive communication from other US operators of the 737 MAX, American and United.

Shouldn’t he put his face on his words? Maybe deliberate, maybe a templace mix up, to use someone else’s face.

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3 years ago

I was thinking the same thing. My initial reaction was “Oh, I didn’t realize Southwest had a female CEO. Good for them.” Then I realized that the picture was probably not of someone named “Gary”…

I’m thinking it was deliberate.

3 years ago

Just an fyi…I did get an email from American last night. I’m just a regular status member there. I’m a Gold member with United and haven’t heard from them yet, though.