Prior2Boarding – Give New Blogs a Chance

BoardingArea has grown and grown and has now branched off into a sister site, Prior2Boarding to give exposure to new blogs.

Some of the Prior2Boarding bloggers are friends of mine, some I have followed online, and many are totally new to me.

Mark at TravelBlawg looks at the nexus of travel and law and mixes in topics like 9 Tips When Traveling With An Alzheimer’s Dementia Companion.

Garrett at Miles to Go does fascinating travel and is helping review the award options for Christmas and Cocos Islands.

Travel with Grant as great how-to guides on manufactured spend, including a lot of stuff I will never try. Those having trouble with US Bank should read Freezing Your ARS and IDA Reports. I may even Sell My First Item on eBay someday.

Travel Summary has long been a favorite of mine and Kathy from Will Run for Miles is a pillar of the NYC miles and points community.

I have no stake in BoardingArea or Prior2Boarding beyond my own blog , however want to share since is really hard to gain and audience and I am sure each of these bloggers deserves an audience in their niche. I look forward to new discoveries.

The full stable of blogs:

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  • Ric Garrido

    Great post Stefan.

    The blogs have been coming into BoardingArea and Prior2Boarding so quickly the past couple months. There are many blogs in your P2B list I have not checked out yet. Time to add to my summer reading list.

  • Thanks for the mention (and top billing)! Hope to see you again in person soon. Best, ~Mark

  • Thanks for the newbie shout out!

  • Thank you for the mention Stefan. I have always enjoyed your writing style and listening to your presentations, especially at the last FTU. I may someday venture to some of the remote places you mentioned. Will you be at the #westcoastdo, bacon2, or Chicago Seminars?

    P.S. I am currently running a contest going on for two $10 Amazon eGift Cards if anyone is interested.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Grant – two out of three, and will be speaking at FTU Advanced on…credit cards…from the US no less! 😉

  • No advanced FTU for me. Too many trips from CA to ORD this fall. Teach me how to get one Barclays card, that is the hardest thing in the world for me to get.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Grant – first you will need to master time travel.

  • Time travel = easy. Barclays approval = hard.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Grant – there is an issue, to me at least, when these events with limited places put the whole set of tickets on sale at once and disappear within an hour you are only going to and up with the same, most addicted audience when I think the event format is better for brining in new people.

  • John

    I respect your post but do we need this many blogs discussing the same topics?
    All blogs start out with no ads, extremely friendly
    Then once they build readership they add tne links!
    Hat Tip should be defined as I’m stealing your post for the day since I don’t have any original info of my own!!!
    Just my 2 cents

  • That’s true. but if you tell everyone tickets are going on sale at XX:XX, then you end up with a AMEX Daily Offers kind of craziness. If you truly want people not to game the system, you have to do some kind of raffle and randomly select people. Which might be a good idea in the future.

  • Joey

    That is a neat idea but is there a timeline when a new blog in will be a part of or will they be forever in prior2boarding (thus creating another miles/points blog group like and

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Joey – I am not involved in any of the business side of it, or necessarily approving of the general concept. My guess is that it is not particularly well defined and will be subject, case-by-case among the management of the sites.

    @John – I don’t want to wade into the debate about the business model or number of bloggers, Travel Blogger Buzz does that so well. Getting a blog off the ground is a tough thing, even when money comes into play it is still a laborious labor of love, so I wanted to put them out there and encourage people to give them a look, just as I struggled to do when starting and continue to seek readers. When we get in our own RSS readers/social media bubble we can easily be shut off from new voices. I highlighted some already well-established blogs that I know have produced original content, such as traveling with Alzheimer’s which I have never seen covered before. In the end each blogger has their own motivations, style and output and we can easily choose to not read.

    @Grant –

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Grant – maybe some kind of prior announcement and sell em in a few traunches? Is it best to have the events for people that have twitter on a 24×7 IV drip? I think that is the crowd Saverocity wants, the other events maybe less. If you look at the FTU Advanced, it similarly sold out in a few moments, then ever since the MilePoint thread has been filled with people trying to unload tickets.

  • I agree. I was checking Twitter in the morning and saw FM’s post. I barely read the post and grabbed a ticket without thinking twice. It is strange that people are trying to unload tickets for FTU Advanced. Hard to buy a ticket and then find cheap airfare to Chicago. Maybe some locals from Chicago will get to go now.

  • Thanks for the shout-out Stefan! Keep me posted on how the Christmas Island/Cocos Islands planning goes!

  • Joey

    @RTC and Grant, as far as these smaller events selling out, unfortunately I think it attracts the “addict” types moreso than newbies. I tried to get a friend to register but after visiting the event website that only states the dates & registration link (no schedule of events, no explanation of who the speakers are, no list of session topics, etc.) she told me she had her reservations and would wait until those are published before registering since costs would easily be $500 for a newbie (registration, flights, hotel, etc.) since, after all, they most likely have not mastered the art of Avios, free hotel stays, etc.

  • @Joey, I definitely agree. Most travel hackers know when to pull the trigger and know a good deal when they see one. Others are more cautious and end up missing great deals because they wait too long. For me, I bought my ticket ASAP, got pretty good flights on SWA from SNA with SWA points, and booked 2 nights at the DoubleTree down the street from the Kimpton with Hilton Points. My older brother lives in PHX and he said I could stay with him, so I will cancel my hotel reservations closer to the event. Therefore the only real cost is the price of the ticket, which went toward my AMEX PRG sign up bonus, so overall I got a really good deal.