Chase Ink Auto Rental CDW (Likely) Covers All Countries Effective 11/1

I previously found that Citi Thank You and Dividend Platinum Select cards provide worldwide Auto Rental CDW with no country exclusions and explained how to get a certificate for countries such as Ireland where rental agencies often require proof of coverage. The downside is the 3% foreign transaction fee. The Citi Prestige card has no foreign transaction fee (though a hefty $400 annual fee) and appears to offer the same coverage from Chubb, cardholders should verify this.

I received updated Guide to Benefits for my Ink Bold and Ink Plus cards, effective 11/1/13. The cover letter noted discontinuation of ID Theft Coverage and referred to ‘enhancements’ to Auto Rental CDW, Extended Warranty Protection, and Purchase Protection. That is usually code for bad news, however Purchase Protection is extended from 90 days to 120 days, while Extended Warranty Protection appears to only add a $50,000 per account cap on claims in addition to the $10,000 per claim limit.

Auto Rental CDW is where it gets interesting. The prior terms covered only rentals for business purposes and excluded  “Losses from rental transactions that originated in Israel, Jamaica, the Republic of Ireland, or Northern Ireland.”

The new terms have the following:

What is Auto Rental CDW?

The Auto Rental CDW benefit provides reimbursement for damage due to collision or theft up to the actual cash value of most rental vehicles. It is primary coverage which means you do not have to file a claim with any other source of insurance before you can receive coverage under this benefit while renting primarily for business purposes, renting outside your country of residence for personal reasons or if you do not have automobile insurance.

Within your country of residence, if you are renting for personal reasons, Auto Rental CDW is secondary coverage… (bold emphasis added)


When and where am I covered?

The benefit is available in the United States and most foreign countries. Coverage is not available where it is prohibited by law or by individual merchants, or is in violation of the territory terms of the rental agreement.

In the “What Else is Not Covered” section the country exclusion line is deleted so that there is no specific reference to any country.

The new language allows some wiggle room so I called the benefits administrator at 888-320-9956 to see if they could confirm worldwide coverage and issue a coverage certificate. The agent said that they can only address inquiries on the currently effective terms. I could have chased around trying to confirm coverage but the real test will be November 1 if I can get a certificate explicitly stating coverage for previously excluded countries.

As the Ink Bold and Plus cards have no foreign transaction fee, and many travelers carry them, this could be a useful benefit. Stay tuned.

Note that I do not have access to the Guide to Benefits for the Ink Cash and Ink Classic cards, both of which have 3% foreign transaction fees. Cardholders should verify coverage.

Note that as with all credit card coverages, this does NOT cover 3rd-party liability or personal accident. Those coverages must be separately obtained, if needed.

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  • MileCards

    Noticed the same thing for another Chase card, and went through the same runaround with customer service and the benefits administrator giving no answer. The other interpretation is using ‘most’ means they can change the countries excluded at any time. But hoping it’s simply the same coverage as the Citi cards.

  • PedroNY

    I noticed that one as well! Good post, this does help a lot of people out in those countries mentioned.



  • JohnnieD

    Just want to repeat your last point-the coverage is just for the car NOT its occupants OR anything you may hit. I’ve had experience with using this benefit on the United card. Was very glad I did…paid over $1000 claim……

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  • Is this coverage good in Italy now too? Really don’t want another card… but we often rent in Italy and this would certainly reduce the cost!

  • FlyingDoctorWu

    Is it the best practice to get Chase (or is it MAstercard) to issue a certificate of coverage when traveling internationally? I have a trip coming up to Italy that’ll involve a car rental and will be using my Ink card….


  • @Anne – The Ink cards did not previously exclude Italy so you can use them now. If rental agencies aggressively insist on proof of coverage you will need to call to try to get a certificate of coverage. If you don’t want another card, take a look through your existing cards if any do not exclude Italy some do, some don’t.

    @FlyingDoctorWu – I do not have experience with Italy, in Ireland when I rented Europcar was quite insistent on proof of coverage which I fortunately had. In most countries there is no need for proof of coverage. Only those like the ‘i countries’ that are frequently excluded so rental agencies like to pounce with costly coverage. For those it is best to get an explicit proof of coverage certificate like Citi/Chubb will issue, backup is the card benefits brochure. I have not gotten one for Chase yet since they said the new terms do not take effect until 11/1.

  • Groobie

    I also noticed this new benefit when I got the mailing because we’ve got a rental in Ireland coming up next year. Please update us when more details become available!

  • Levy Flight

    Hi Chai – so Chase MA is doing a good job setting itself up as the go to international card in a way that Amex does not. Cancelled my SPG card this month. Not much use internationally.

  • @Levy Flight – it is interesting to me that Amex has essentially offered nothing new for several years.

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  • Elenor

    Got (definitive?!)(if you can believe the reps who answer secure msgs…) on renting with points and coverage:

    I wrote:
    I’ve been investigating the UR Mall, planning to rent a car probably using UR points . I’ve been reading the new Guide to Benefits y’all sent recently, but I haven’t found an answer to my concern about renting a car using points.
    If I plan to rent it through the UR Mall, using UR points, and paying whatever extra charges there are taxes or whatever on my Ink Bold it’s a business trip to see my largest distributor , am I provided with the Chase Auto Rental CDW as outlined in the Guide to Benefits? Or, do I need to rent the car paying with the Ink Bold to get that coverage?
    The Guide doesn’t say anything about renting using points.

    Chase rep answered:
    Let me inform you that you will be unable to claim for the Auto Rental CDW if purchased using points. Please note that you must secure and charge the eligible rental to your card to get the benefit of Auto Rental CDW.

    For more information or to file a claim, call the Benefit Administrator at 1-888-320-9956 (outside the U.S. call
    collect at 1-804-673-1691).

  • @Elenor – thanks for the research on this, very important.

  • Frank

    I find it hard to believe that Italy is covered. I am going there in a week or so and was planning on using my new United Explorer card by Chase and they say it now covers US and abroad and is primary.

    So, I called this morning and asked specifically about Italy and was told it did not cover Italy (secondary insurance only there just like most VISAs). However, they did say it will cover me even though I am only an authorized user on my wife’s card (which has nothing to do with the primary issue).

    So, I would eat my hat if the Ink card covers Italy.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Frank – thanks for the report. If you have Citi cards with the CDW by Chubb they will issue you a certificate of coverage specifically naming countries, they did for me for Ireland, so that might be a more reliable option.

  • Frank

    @Rapid Travel Chai – new to your blog. I saw your name on FrequentMiler today and did a search and landed up here, on a discussion related to my big issue of the day! Serendipity, I guess.

    Now, perhaps you could look at my recent post on FrequentMiler today about my dilemma regarding the Ink Bold card … I see you say they denied you again (I can face rejection, but don’t really want to push it). I last had a personal Chase card 5 months ago and a new Ink card for a different business ( business #2) also 2 months ago. My wife just got a new Ink Plus for our business (business #1) and so I am guessing they may not like me to get another Ink (Bold this time) for business #1 so soon (I had the MC version until 7 months ago). But I am worried that the offer may go away as FM seems to think so.

    Decisions … decisions …

    At least Chase doesn’t do a credit check on me, probably because I have so many of their cards!

    Any advice? why were you denied? (offline if you like).

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Frank – mine was because too much new credit with Chase (this year alone 4 cards including UA Biz) and elsewhere as well. Same time at least got the Ritz-Carlton approved. Chase personal seems to still be flexible, but bulk of reports are that business approvals have gotten harder.

    I am surprised you say they don’t do a credit check. Typically for any new application there is a credit inquiry.

    From what I understand different business can work so if you don’t mind a credit inquiry and the process then I suppose you can try. Without a different business I would think chances are low.