12/27 One-Day Only Screenings of ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’, Go See It

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Update: new screenings added for 1/21/19.

Peter Jackson’s riveting World War I documentary They Shall Not Grow Old has nationwide, encore screenings today 12/27/18. Check the Fathom Events listing for showtimes near you.

Fathom Events They Shall Now Grow Old

Fathom screenings exclude movie passes and points awards at chains like AMC and Regal. Discounts on Atom Tickets work, though they do not show up in Facebook ticketing so that ticketing fee waiver promo doesn’t work.

I saw in on the prior single-day screenings 12/17 after hearing the Mark Kermode’s coverage of it from the UK centenary commenorations.

The film is restored footage from World War I brought to life with love and tech. Jerky, grainy clips become vibrant, colorful images of people like us. Actors voice clips that lip readers deciphered. The narration is a collection of BBC interviews of front-line soldiers recorded decades ago. The documentary after the credits is a must.

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3 years ago

Tried to see it here in Anchorage and all shows in both theaters were sold out. Both surprising and disappointing.