Santa’s case, Shanghai-style

I have to confess about half of ‘suitcase 1’ was Santa to myself, but the others were gifts, honest!

Selections include lots of tea, new flavors of Lipton milk tea, Pocky snack sticks ‘almond crush’ style, Meltykiss truffles, and an under-the-radar pleasure in rice-centric Shanghai: buckwheat noodles and corn noodles.

China Suitcase 1

Good thing SkyTeam Elite and Elite+ get a 3rd checked bag on China to North America routes!

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  • Did you declare the food on your customs form? If so, have you ever had food thrown away by grumpy CBP officers?

  • @Million Mile Secrets – only time I had issues was one time with wife we had a ton of luggage, they looked through everything but all ok. More attention for nonstops from some countries like China, one time on CO PEK-EWR they put every single person through agriculture inspection.

  • Embla

    haha! Looks like my luggage when I’m going back home. Foreign snacks are the best souvenirs. 😀

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  • Shannon

    I love Pocky, especially strawberry flavor! But your Pocky package is humongous. Is that limited edition in China? How many sticks per package?

  • @Shannon – the packages are not quite a big as they seem, those ones are thinner but wider than the standard, package holds about the same number of sticks though they are wider because of the nuts added. I am addicted so have to give them away as soon as I get them.

  • Shannon

    I must try that when I visit Shanghai in the Summer. Can you give me the link of that brand and flavor so I can print it out as reference?. And hopefully the bird flu and tension of Korean peninsula won’t affect my trip…………

  • @Shannon – here is a nice gallery, you are looking for Pocky Almond Crush, any large supermarket carries the full range of Pretz and Pocky.