China Eastern’s check-in counter info screens, will other airlines adopt?

China Eastern has information screens at its check-in counters in Shanghai that display:

China Eastern Counter Screen

  • Flight info
  • Passenger name
  • Passenger frequent flyer number
  • Seat
  • Checked luggage (I was overloaded with goodies on that trip!)
  • Terminal map

This tool can avoid confusion in the check-in process, allowing passengers at a glance to verify key details. It would be nice to add seat maps, like many cinemas in Asia, reducing the back and forth with agents or passengers (like me) trying to peer over the counter to the agent’s screen. In rebooking scenarios, listing out the options would be very helpful. These of course are common features of automated check-in kiosks but have not made it over to check-in counter agents.

Many airlines are trying to eliminate or minimize staffed check-in counters, though in plenty of countries that is a long way away, and agents are far from extinct. This seems a good measure to improve counter check-in efficiency. Readers, what do you think?

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  • Travis

    You are talking about china and ended on a positive note.
    This is not good! Nothing good can happen in china.

  • Nadia

    Stefan, are you in town? I’ll be in SH mid-April; otherwise mostly in BJ. Let me know if/when you drop by again.

    ps. MU is actually one of my favorite local airlines now. The level of service is rising rapidly – even CA.

  • @Nadia – looks like I may not be back until May, depends on the client, hope to see you!