Montevideo Airport vs Asuncion Airport: starchitect vs bizarro

Montevideo Carrasco International Airport is beautiful in the starchitect way familiar in so many recent airports, this entrant designed by Uruguay’s own Rafael Vinoly.

Swooping design. Check.

Clean, modern interior. Check.

Viewing level. Check.

US$40 departure fee to pay for it all. Ouch.






And then there is Asuncion Silvio Pettirossi International Airport over in Paraguay. Words fail, but it is etched in memory. And, to this traveler, has more character. Montevideo’s airport could be anywhere, it bears so much similarity to other new airports. Asuncion’s could only be in Asuncion.


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  • Rami

    You cannot compare Paraguay and Uruguay; they are culturally, politically and economically worlds apart

  • @Rami – fair enough, though I was not intending to make a broad commentary on the countries. I realize I did not clearly make my intended point, which is that Montevideo’s new airport is beautiful but generic, it could be anywhere, while Asuncion is unlike any other, making it more memorable. As I was flying from one to the other, the comparison was part of my experience yesterday.

    I have expanded the final paragraph to attempt to make that argument more cogent.

    The countries are very different and I had a delightful time in both.