Sleeping pill, ear plugs and eye mask defeat turbulence, children and lots of vomit

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In a small pouch that  The Rapid Traveler carries on every flight, there are three items:

  1. Sleeping pill, OTC generic, half a pill for flights 6-10 hours, full pill for 10+.
  2. Eye mask with raised eye areas, the are several brands, currently using Mack’s Dreamweaver Sleep Mask because a two-pack is a steal on Amazon for $8.98.
  3. Earplugs, prior favorites were the ribbed 3M ones but those are exceedingly hard to track down. Now liking the Mack’s Snore Blockers, which have a hole in the back as part of a design for better comfort in extended wear. Totally unscientific sample of one, but they feel better with the long-wear and pressure of a plane ride.

As 10 hours of flight from JFK to Santiago, Chile drew to a close, The Rapid Traveler awoke from his slumber at the feeling of descent. Heavy turbulence had disturbed his sleep a few times, but overall he had done well.

He lifted his eye mask to take in the surroundings on the Lan 767, configured AC-DFH-JL. From his perch in A, he saw, in the row behind, in C and F, were small children, pretty well behaved but still plenty of commotion. In the row in front, B and F each had late teens/early twenties women from the same family, each clutching and filling barf bags, while their mother, in D, rolled her eyes.

And The Rapid Traveler had been blissfully sleeping all the while!

Disclaimer 1: The Rapid Traveler is not a doctor, more specifically, definitely not your doctor. Sleeping pills are medication and should only be taken in consultation with your physician.

Disclaimer 2: The Rapid Traveler will not receive any compensation for any of the links in this post. It just so happens that Mack’s has some good, reasonably priced products.

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8 years ago

I made the dreadful mistake of forgetting some earplugs on a recent flight home from Hawaii. Had a 1 year old in front of us that screamed the whole 5 hour flight! A hard lesson learned! Thanks for sharing your suggestions.