Winners of the Oreo China flavors great giveaway – birthday cake rules them all

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Quite the hot demand for birthday cake, the Kraft folks should pay attention. Fortunately the winners are more distributed among the flavors than the overall entrants.

The winners are (note: #6 was a follow-up entry from #5, so #6 was excluded from the draw):

#29, kaye s, who wrote:

Watermelon flavored coke in China!
Orange+ Mango/ Raspberry +Blueberry

Oreo Winner 1

Orange+Mango goes to kaye.

#12, Nick, who wrote:

In Japan, I saw (and purchased) wasabi ice cream, and purple sweet potato ice cream.

1st choice: Matcha
2nd choice: Green grape/peach

Oreo Winner 2

Matcha goes to Nick.

#28, Abhinav G, who wrote:

Different Maggi Noodles flavor in the Philippines.

Orange + Mango and Birthday Cake.

Oreo Winner 3

Birthday Cake goes to Abhinav.

#19, Jeff, who wrote:

Green tea kit Kat in Japan!

Oreo Winner 4

Jeff did not list a flavor preference, so he gets the choice of remaining flavors after going through the winners.

#35, Kiki, who wrote:

Red bean ice cream. Sounded strange, but was delish!

Preferred: orange/mango
Second: raspberry


Oreo Winner 5

Since Orange + Mango is already taken, Raspberry + Blueberry goes to Kiki.

#30 Richard, who wrote:

Preserves tofu that smelled like a rad kill on a hot summer day in Arizna! Makes durian smell like roses

Oreo Winner 6

Richard did not list a flavor preference, so he gets the final flavor after Jeff’s selection.

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James McGowan
10 years ago

Here in Singapore, we get the standard + Double Stuf, but also Strawberry Creme, Blueberry Ice Cream, Orange Ice Cream, and Choco Caramel.

Nick O
Nick O
10 years ago

I love the birthday cake ones. They had them here over the summer I think, but they were limited time. I recently found some at a local Big Lots and bought a few packages. Just a heads up for anyone that likes them