Will JFK T4 Departures Get an Escalator?

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Security check before the concourse is the biggest improvement felt by all passengetrs in Delta’s rehab of JFK’s Terminal 4.

While I took a spin through T4 last week while heading out to Shanghai, heading first to the new Sky Club, which incidentally is quite far and there is no signage along the way, and then back to the Oasis Club, I noticed what may be prep for work to rectify one of the other passenger chokepoints and oddities of T4. Going from departures level to the concourse, passengers either trundle down the stairs or wait for elevators. No escalators.

JFK T4 Departures Hall 1

Stairs, elevator and new construction area

JFK T4 Departures Hall 2

Footprint for an escalator?

Might I be hoping too much for this work area? Given the post-Sandy difficulty in restoring escalators throughout NYC, I am not surprised if this work was delayed. The last time I was at the AirTrain Howard Beach Station in April the escalator from the subway was still out.

If this work area is for an escalator what’s your guess as to when it is ready? What month/year/decade?

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Next time I’m sure you’ll see it. Right behind the benches and past the flight info sign. Straight towards the windows don’t go left (oasis) or right (Swiss lounge etc) My next flight I’ll take pics. 🙂

Jake from MSP
Jake from MSP

Maybe they are subtly trying to combat America’s obesity epidemic.


Actually there are escalators directly in front of the TSA security, middle section. (once you go through). Once clear through security walk straight towards the large windows facing the Tarmac and the escalators is next to the elevator on the left. You can’t miss it!
3 sets of elevators 2 sets of escalators and stairs.
I have flown out three times from new (upgraded) JFK T4. DL flyer.

Rapid Travel Chai

@Ncyfler75 – I wonder why I have never noticed it, I guess I am always one side or another but this is still odd, I have been through so many times I guess I don’t pay attention.


Anything is possible. I watched for years as they did work on the Central(e) station in Milano. They did moving walkways at an angle instead of escalaters. It might be a better option here.