JFK’s T4 Oasis Club: Does the End Loom for Delta Flyers?

I use airport lounges whenever I can, I just don’t usually have the urge to wax lyrical about them.

I have so many great trip memories that started out by washing away NYC transport in passing through JFK T4’s Oasis Club, that it will be a sad day if Delta cuts off access when it opens its new Sky Club in T4 later this month.

Oasis is nice enough that it seems it cannot be in the US. The management is Indian and the dinner always has Indian dishes. The drink selection is wide, including Tazo teas, about the only mass-market tea bag that I enjoy. The lounge has a long wall of windows with couches for plane spotters. Inside there is a library area with books in multiple languages, many have collected dust for years. Most pleasurable for me is the wide selection of domestic and international newspapers and magazines flown in from the many international carriers that use Oasis. Hack My Trip has a more thorough review.

JFK Oasis Club 1

JFK Oasis Club 3

JFK Oasis Club 4

JFK Oasis Club 2

Oasis used to be outside security so even when departing T2/3, when I have enough time, or even not, I hustle over to Oasis. Last week I was sad to see the new security up and Oasis inaccessable to me. Today I depart from T4 and am looking forward to my Irish Times and more.

JFK Oasis Club 5

Delta still lists Oasis on the Sky Club site, I hope that won’t disappear, but I assume in the future Delta travelers will need Priority Pass to access Oasis. Sigh, trading chicken tikka masala for pretzel sticks.

(Note: Delta access with Sky Club membership requires to be on a departing Delta flight and they do verify boarding passes).

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