5 Minutes at JFK T4’s New Delta Sky Club and Back to the Oasis

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There was so much to-do about the new Delta Sky Club at JFK’s Terminal 4 that Delta even opened a pop-up space in Soho, and media and bloggers have been signing its praises.

Sorry to be underwhelmed. Sure the design is modern, the outside deck is nice, and the staff are jaw-droppingly friendly (let’s see how long that lasts at JFK) but it still has the same two things I find most annoying about domestic Sky Clubs:

  1. The bartender hassle. I see that some people like to sit at the bar and chat up the bartender. I want my juice and do not want to wait or feel guilty for not tipping. The staff at the old JFK Sky Clubs excelled at always having their backs to customers and fiddling with items on the shelves to avoid doing anything. Other clubs are more attentive but the waits are still often aggravating. Can’t we have self-serve for non-alcoholic drinks?
  2. No food, just snacks, mostly junk food. I exclude paid food.
Delta Sky Club JFK T4 Snacks

Junk snacks and bar

Tokyo-Narita’s Sky Clubs have fallen a few notches in the food department since the merger, and the move to more Chinese items instead of Japanese is not their strength, but the people claiming JFK is the best in the network presumably have not visited .

On my pass through JFK last week I visited this Sky Club, quite a hike down T4, saw it was in substance no different than others, noted the cardinal sin of only having one of the newspaper trinity (NYT, WSJ, FT – any self-respecting club has at least two) and hustled all the way back to my favorite Oasis Club.

Delta Sky Club JFK T4 Newapepers

Where are WSJ and FT?

Delta is still on the sign, though it has been taken off the Delta website. Priority Pass grants access for those that have it.

JFK T4 Oasis Club Entrance

Oasis still has the Delta placard

JFK Sky Clubs

Oasis banished from delta.com

JFK T4 Oasis Club Lunch

Self-service and real food (dinner is better)

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[…] I took a spin through T4 last week while heading out to Shanghai, heading first to the new Sky Club, which incidentally is quite far and there is no signage along the way, and then back to the Oasis […]

9 years ago

To be fair, the (free) snacks you’ll find at SkyClubs is still enought to make me (an AA elite) jealous! The free snacks at Admirals Clubs are much, much worse. For much of the day, all they have is apples, cookies and a salty snack mix served in what looks like pet food dispensers

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  DW

@DW – I was just in an Admirals Club for the first time last week at YYZ, I was there just long enough to grab a paper as the agent was able to get me on the flight from two hours earlier that was the next to go in the YYZ-LGA backlog. I need to get back to check out the dispenser!

9 years ago

I wholeheartedly agree. This club is only marginally better that the one it replaces in T2/3, and that’s largely because the furniture here is new, not untold years old and worn out.

Jamison @ PointsSummary

I love me some chicken tikki masala from the Oasis Lounge!