My Week in Points: Jersey to Seychelles

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Quote of the week: “No one imitates United Airlines, but it has been copying others,” from United Is Copying American’s Premium Fare Bonuses (Travel Codex).

Tip of the week: “Best trick…Have them load 1k, swipe again and load another 1k, and swipe again and load last $500 and then just do one swipe with your card. Saves time, less receipts, transactions, and less likely to trigger fraud alerts,” MSPDeltaDude on FrequentMiler’s Top 6 REDbird Solutions. I finished my REDbird’s and AFT’s for the month ahead of my trip to Lebanon & Egypt. This will be great to try next month for those cards of mine that don’t reject such large transactions (Amex, Chase).

I try to draw the line at too many time-consuming things. Can’t do them all. Personal Finance Digest highlights two deals, free Jet membership and UPromise $20 sign-up, that I bookmarked and then deleted the bookmark to resist the time suck.

Articles of note:

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7 years ago

Thanks for the shout-outs the past couple weeks!

7 years ago

Now I just need a local target with self-checkout 🙂