WebRotation: New Girl in the Air, travel hacking and fun

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New Girl in the Air is a refreshing new voice in the travel hacking world. Many Rapid Travel Chai readers are not consumed with miles and points collection-itis; some are intimidated by the perceived challenge and steep learning curve. New Girl in the Air is assembling some fantastically detailed how-tos with screen shots and step-by-step instructions, mixing in a lot of fun. The Rapid Traveler knows well the time required to assemble and illustrate posts, and appreciates her efforts for readers.

Hotel Discounts is a great post to begin with: it is a broad survey of deals with dopey web 2.0 names like SniqueAway and HotelYo, most totally new to The Rapid Traveler and not covered in other blogs.

New Girl has an adventurous, playful travel perspective shown in posts like Five Cruises Even Non-Cruisers Might Like. Some day The Rapid Traveler will take his first cruise for a country collection sweep but his temperament is not well-suited to traditional cruising and this post hit the spot. And she injects her own personality into posts like ABCs of Travel – It’s About Time We Introduced Ourselves.

By way of full disclosure, The Rapid Traveler began corresponding with New Girl after reading the interview of her in Million Mile Secrets. He met New Girl (and her enthusiastic porter/photographer Mike) in Atlanta’s airport last weekend between her arrival and his departure for El Salvador, sharing a fascinating conversation in one of the booths in Concourse C’s Sky Club (his choice when with guests). He is honored to be included in her post on Atlanta. Call him biased, but make sure to check out New Girl in the Air and enjoy.

atlanta 001

The Rapid Traveler and New Girl in the Air, Atlanta Concourse C Sky Club

And that leads to El Salvador…tomorrow.

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Million Mile Secrets
10 years ago

Nice to know that there’s at least 1 person who reads the interviews!

New Girl in the Air
10 years ago

Thanks for the kind words! I’m flattered!