US Global Entry Officially Expanded to Citizens of Germany, Qatar, South Korea and United Kingdom

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Per US CBP press release:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection today published a Federal Register notice officially expanding eligibility for participation in Global Entry to citizens from the Republic of Korea, Germany, Qatar, and the United Kingdom. Citizens participating in Korea’s Smart Entry System (SES), Germany’s Automated and Biometrics-Supported Border Controls (ABG) Plus, and select Qatar and United Kingdom citizens may be able to receive Global Entry benefits. While these arrangements have been previously announced, this notice serves to officially being implementation of the process.

Citizens of these countries must satisfy current program requirements, and will still need to fulfill application requirements, in order to qualify. Additionally, the Federal Register notice announces the ability for current U.S. Global Entry members to apply for membership in the Republic of Korea’s SES program, as well as the ability for a limited number to apply for Germany’s ABG Plus program.

This announcement formalizes eligibility that started back in October 2012. Some German and UK citizens have been able to apply for Global Entry through their airline frequent flyer program, see this successful report. Now all Germans that participate in ABG Plus are eligible, see the announcement from the German Embassy in the US.

South Korea Smart Entry Service members continue to be able to apply for Global Entry.

Qatari and UK citizen eligibility is still limited and I could not locate official criteria.

The following additional nationalities can receive Global Entry benefits:

  • Canada – NEXUS members receive Global Entry benefits
  • Mexico – Global Entry application required
  • Netherlands – Privium members can apply for Global Entry
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[…] Announced last week that certain US Global Entry members will be able to apply for membership in Germany’s ABG Plus program. […]

9 years ago

As I understand it, Global Entry members are eligible to use the South Korean Smart Entry Service lanes, I’m not sure how, and I was too cowardly to try to figure that out when at ICN last month, but there was a brochure at the checkin desk about it.

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  Kris

@Kris – from what I see on the Global Entry website, Global Entry makes you eligible to apply for South Korean Smart Entry Service, but you still need to go through the application process, pay the fee, and interview, etc to get into the program. Per @progapanda’s comment, the only countries where Global Entry allows use of special lanes without separate applications are Australia and New Zealand. I will do a subsequent post on this. It is especially frustrating in Canada, where separate NEXUS membership is required. Those that are convenient to NEXUS locations can save $50 and get better… Read more »

9 years ago

Given that US Global Entry participants currently have some limited “fast track” benefits when entering Australia and New Zealand, I wouldn’t be surprised if Australians and Kiwis were next to be allowed to apply for Global Entry.

9 years ago

It’s going to be fascinating to see how they plan to handle this. If they could dispense with the UK Police Check it would be much easier (and cheaper) for UK citizens to apply.
In the Netherlands, only those that live in Holland can apply, whereas anyone can get a Privium card.