Chai Digest: $18 Million for a Credit Report Error, Shanghai Scams, and more

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Rock and Rock Roadtrips with Robert Reid on the Rick Steves Radio Show.

A video tour of the ‘Tower of David,’ Venezuela’s infamous skyscraper-turned-slum (Washington Post).

Pangea with political boundaries (FlowingData).

Mom Wants You Married? So Does the State [in South Korea] (NYT).

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9 years ago

maybe a little bit too much blog sphere articles in this issue which readers might read already during the week…better to have more “out of network” articles with your comments?

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  Shannon

@Shannon – thanks for the note. I haven’t been doing My Week in Points this summer, I found I was doing too little miles and points to be of any interest, so many people are so much more hardcore than me, so I had this stack of blog posts I found really useful and no home for them. This goes back to the debate about readers who don’t follow a bunch of blogs vs readers who do, hard to strike a balance for all their needs.