Unlimited Entries to United’s Billion Mile Giveaway, Should You Bother?

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United’s Billion Mile Giveaway has launched and runs through September 30, 2016. Prizes include:

  • 100 grand prize winners receive 1,000,000 miles and  $7,500
  • 10,000 first prize winners receive 25,000 miles
  • 130,000 second prize winners receive 5m000 miles

Every purchase with an United credit card garners an automatic entry, as well you can manually enter here.

The terms say entries are unlimited, provided they are manually entered on the form.

United Billion Mile Gievaway

Should you enter and how many times?

I figure one entry is worth a punt. After that you are not heavily increasing odds by entering again and again, unless you build a bot that floods the contest with entries and evades detection. There will be bots, some may be caught, others not. I don’t suppose it is too hard for them to match winners against number of entries and figure out how many entries over two months on theoretically possible for speedy typists. Still, the overall number of entries will be huge just from credit card purchases.

Do you want some laughs?

Reader the comments on the Dan’s Deals post on this giveaway. Snark, snark, snark. My favorite is comment 36.

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