TSA PreCheck in MSP 1/24 and SLC 2/14 for Delta flyers, plus JFK and LAX for American, and United and US Airways joining the party late

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TSA’s PreCheck expedited security program continues its test rollout (see here for prior posts). The Rapid Traveler just received this email from Delta:

As one of our most frequent flyers, you may be eligible to participate in the program. Effective January 24th, the program will be available in Minneapolis at the Delta Sky Priority® security lines at checkpoint 4 on the ticketing level. Then on February 14th, it will begin in Salt Lake City at the main checkpoint on terminal two.

As typical with an airline that cannot remember The Rapid Traveler’s passport number, they have no idea that he has used, and been denied, PreCheck numerous times. Tough luck on those international flights, but his batting average on domestic is ok.

The most recent TSA Blog post further announced that in “early 2010” United and US Airways will be joining the program at unspecified airports and that Los Angeles (LAX) and New York JFK (JFK) will open for American. Adding a New York airport seems a vote of confidence in the program.

The program is imperfect but the equivalent of a night club opening up the red velvet rope as you approach. Travelers need to be a member of a Trusted Traveler Program, an elite flyer with Delta or American, and provide your Trusted Traveler information to the airline in your account profile. Plenty of people pass through PreCheck, so word must be getting out.

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