TSA PreCheck begins at Denver

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TSA PreCheck began October 2 at Denver International Airport (DEN). Located at the South Checkpoint, it is open to selected eligible passengers on Alaska, American, Delta, United and US Airways, and members of CBP Trusted Traveler programs (see press release).

Denver International Airport Mural

Photo by Vasenka

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[…] PreCheck’s expansion has been in a holding pattern since the launch at Denver last fall. Now 5 more airports have been added, bring the total to […]

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago

@ryan – I know how frustrating the program can be, it is good when selected a irritating when left out, and far, far from the ideal situation, which is to go back to sensible security like many countries and have no need for such things. That said, as I understand, the airline present a pool of flyers to the TSA and of those, some as selected and some not, on a per flight basis. I am batting rouglhy .500 for eligible flights. The airlines differ in how they select their passengers, except in the case of CBP Trusted Traveler program… Read more »

10 years ago


I have been attempting to join the pr echeck family for a month now as I fly US airways. I would like to avoid paying the fees of joining a trusted traveller group, but US airways preferred team has advised me they do not invite people to join their list of pre check worthy customers, but rather get notice from the TSA. Any advice on how I can start utilizing Pre Check and get signed up for it?