TravelChancellor: e-Flyer Newsletters (and a mea culpa on Tiger Airways)

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Global Traveler magazine has two useful, free newsletters: e-Flyer USA and e-Flyer Asia, and both include some Europe coverage. Sign-up for both here. They are strong in reporting travel industry news that is not widely reported elsewhere, particularly new airline routes and hotel openings. And they are weekly, not overwhelming readers with daily email.

Aircraft at Adelaide Airport

Pouncing on hiatus, photo by jimmyharris

The Rapid Traveler first saw the news on Korean Target Practice on e-Flyer Asia and this week’s edition taught The Rapid Traveler to not recommend airlines he hasn’t flown. In discussing Hong Kong Airport transfers, The Rapid Traveler mentioned Air Asia and Tiger Airways. He has flown excellent Air Asia many times and always had a great experience, but never had the opportunity to fly Tiger Airways. Now comes news that they are grounded until the end of July in Australia (the airline’s official statement is here).

(Disclaimer: The Rapid Traveler has no financial relationship with Global Traveler and will not receive any commission or other consideration for this recommendation.)

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