They want your liquids, not your bottles

Water-bottle (Do-rucks) (1836) - TIMEAA quick note between meetings and a flight: the TSA wants your liquids, not your bottles.

The Rapid Traveler fondly remembers his travelmate in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan taking a 1-liter carton of strawberry nectar through security without a raised eyebrow, but in the US and many other countries, travelers must contend with screening for liquids.

This does NOT mean water bottles are banned, so by all means bring an empty in and fill up in the airport. It will feel real nice on that turbulent flight without beverage service or the international flight where water is passed around every 2-4 hours.

An earlier post suggested fruits to cope with the ban on liquids. Perhaps with fruit and water bottle in tow, The Rapid Traveler should next try to bring in a juicer, but he probably should avoid the famous Alessi Juicy Salif by Philippe Starck.

Juicy Salif - 78/365

Photo by morberg

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