Toronto T-Storms (part 5): mangosteen date, the ‘queen of fruit’

Fresh mangosteens were banned from import to the United States until 2007.  They are still phoenix-like in their scarcity, I do not recall ever seeing them in New York Chinatown.

Mangosteens are the ‘queen of fruit’ to odorous durian, the ‘king of fruit.’ The tough, purple skin is ripped away to reveal a nested orb of glowing, translucent pearls shaped like garlic cloves. The flavor is ethereal.

Strolling through T&T Supermarket in Toronto, we halted in rapture at the mangosteen display.

Mangosteen Date 001

Mangosteen Date 002

The prize barely made it back to the hotel garden for a mangosteen date. I chivalrously did the peeling, falling farther and farther behind in eating but gaining in conjugal harmony.

Mangosteen Date 004

Readers, have you sampled mangosteens? Where do they rank among your favorite fruits?

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Ted F

I grew up in Malaysia! Mangosteens, rambutans, durians! Yum!

Jimmy @TravelByPoints

Haha, thanks! Your Chinese is better than a native speaker’s :D!! Have a great weekend!

Rapid Travel Chai

@Jimmy – 山竹 (shan zhu)

Jimmy @TravelByPoints

Yes, ate lots of them in Thailand when we were working in HK. What are they called in Chinese??

Ozaer N.

oh found the motherload!…We bought tons in Kuala Lumpur just walking around….there were stalls over the city selling them and cheeeeeeeeeep.


Are you kidding me? Mangosteens are by far the best fruit I have ever tasted. Fresh lychee come a close second though. They are so rare in the US!!!!


I can’t say I’m a fan of mangosteen or durian. I will give much more credit to mangosteen for not smelling like a gas leak though. I prefer jackfruit (only dried) and longan or rambutan(not lychee).

Rapid Travel Chai

@Mae – my colleagues want to go in for a durian this afternoon in Chinatown, I have warned them to eat it BEFORE they return to the office. 🙂