“This is to wash away your guilt!” – a travel spouse’s birthday

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May 19, 2012. 11:23 am. Boca Beach Club.


Boca Beach Club

The Rapid Traveler back from a swim, reading a newspaper.

Mrs. Rapid Traveler on the sofa by the window, flipping through magazines.

Suddenly, her head turns up, the idyll is broken, “This is to wash away your guilt!”

Only Saturday morning and she had pieced it together.

The next Friday, of Memorial Day weekend, The Rapid Traveler would be off to Uruguay, Paraguay and Iguazú Falls on a solo trip. He had slipped information to her so gradually over the prior months that it had passed her mind, until, in post-yoga alertness, it all came together: the last minute romantic weekend booking, the uncharacteristic selection of a beach resort, the “I do not have any planned activities, I just want you to enjoy yourself this weekend.” Guilty tracks everywhere.

So, on Mrs. Rapid Traveler’s birthday, here is a big thank you for tolerance and ‘I love you’ from The Rapid Traveler.

Only problem is, he is 7,969 miles and two seasons away in sending these wishes.

7,936 miles away on her birthday

Over this period of 7 weeks, between her business travel and his (this time she is gone more than he!), they will have precisely 6 hours together on June 25 and even a whole weekend together on June 30-July 1. They will pencil in that birthday celebration for Bastille Day, and until then, she will not fail in reminding him that this guilt cannot be washed away.

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The Weekly Flyer
10 years ago

May the absence make the heart grow fonder. Happy Birthday and safe travels on the next leg(s) of the journey.

Jimmy @TravelByPoints
10 years ago

Wow, what a strong contrast to those of us being together 24/7. Happy birthday to Mrs. RTC!