The parallel universe FlyerTalk: Traveling Better – do you use it?

There exists a parallel universe travel forum, Traveling Better, that until a post by the most productive man in the world, was hidden to me. It looks like FlyerTalk but wrinkles in time-space cause certain discrepancies. I asked around at the Chicago Seminars and some had heard of it, one said it is “even geekier than FlyerTalk.” I did not locate any users of it and began to wonder if the denizens of Traveling Better have their own parallel ecosystem of meet-ups, blogs and the like. Perhaps while the Chicago Seminars was at Chicago O’Hare, they were at Chicago Midway.

I am hopeless at following even one forum, so FlyerTalk and MilePoint are already overload for me, but readers, I am curious, do you follow Traveling Better? What are its strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition?

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It might be good for those of us who fly AA a lot.


I tried it a couple of times, perhaps 12-15 months ago. At that time, I thought it was rather dull. There was little new content, virtually no comment and, as other have noted, a bit AA-centric. In short, why click if there is little or nothing on the other end?


Milepoint is pretty somnolent, unless you want to start an extended conversation with one or two forum denizens with a lot of time on their hands.

Rapid Travel Chai

@all – this is fascinating, so much drama!

Million Mile Secrets

I believe Traveling Better usually is the 1st to get the scoop on American Airlines news, and JONNYC is banned from FlyerTalk…


It’s old.
Free 100 SPG points? o.o


Traveling Better is just a forum for jonnyc who has some great insights into AA – and is banned by the lunatics in charge of the asylum that is known as flyertalk


In fact a lot of their forums seem to be dead..

I’m a member. The board was started several years ago as a mirror to Flyertalk. Some thought FT was out of hand back then, so the board was set up. Some activity initially, but over time it’s just a limited audience. Think Milepoint offshoot (at the time), but membership was not open to everyone (to keep out how shall I say) some posters that may have been troublemakers. That’s a very broad generalization, but you get the idea. I still peek in every now and them on TB. Flyertalk still leads the way for me. Milepoint still has a ways… Read more »

wow, the Lufthansa hasn’t been touched in 2 years……