The lamest credit card additional spend offer I’ve received

The Priority Club Select Visa card is one of the best cards for the benefits, absurdly generous benefits that I like so much that I put regular spend on the card just to keep it active. The best benefits are Priority Club Platinum Status, an annual night certificate, 10% rebate on Priority Club award bookings up to 100k/year, and no foreign transaction fees. The annual fee is just $49. It would get a lot more hype if it paid affiliate commissions, but that’s another debate.

I received an email offer to earn 2,000 bonus points for $2,000 spend in 2013 Q1. Setting aside how easy it is to earn Priority Club points with promotion codes, surveys and such, the leading experts value the points at about 0.6 cents.

Priority Club Visa 2k

Nope, not going out of my way for a $12 bonus! And the bonus is effectively negative considering the opportunity cost compared to spend on many other cards.

Readers, have you received any lamer spend offers?

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If it was 20,000 for $2,000 spend I would have to think about it.

Ryan E

Maybe they can sweeten the deal by throwing in free rustproofing and some floor mats

Nick @ PFDigest

I received the same offer as well and had the same reaction. Not sure what they’re thinking, they could use some coaching from the Citi portfolio marketing team–those guys always send me great offers.


Thank goodness for lame offers. It makes me feel better since I just got 80,000 points for just one spend on the card.

Elena G

Got the same offer…and yes I agree on the lameness


My offer is for 5,000 additional points for $5,000 in spending.

Rapid Travel Chai

@Mikey – wow, even more ridiculous!


I got the same thing as milesmaven. I was disappointed to say the least.


YES! I received a ‘spend $500 get 500 add’l points’ offer from PC!