Salvador, Brazil – UNESCO-listed Pelourinho disctrict

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From Barra beach to UNESCO-listed Pelourinho colonial old town, Salvador has the allures of two distinct destinations in its hilly snake along the coast.

The plan was to wander as whim took us, though São Francisco Church and Convent of Salvador was a must-see. Indeed it is one of most varied and interesting churches I have visited.

The district is above-average colonial old town, though very touristy and noisy. There are lots of street performers and vendors. The restaurants, in particular, had no allure. We were glad to be staying elsewhere.

Brazil 040

Very long line for that elevator

Brazil 042

Too bad it seems that fortress is closed to tourists

Brazil 039

Well-preserved architecture

Brazil 047

Overlooking the square

Brazil 048

The main square

Brazil 081

Fierce cherub

Brazil 065

São Francisco Church and Convent of Salvador

Brazil 070

São Francisco sculpture detail

Brazil 060

Moralistic story illustrations ring the courtyard

Brazil 050

Painter with umbrella hat

Brazil 056

That's one way to catch the eye of passersby

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Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@James K – you picked a stellar one. Quito I loved for the rolling hills and breathtaking mountaintop position. The whole city is colonial style. I had half a day to explore and wish I had a whole day. Salvador has a lot of dumpy, congested areas then this compact core, which has the Art Deco part and then the colonial part. I had a whole day to spare but spent 2 hours. The distances in Brazil are so vast, and the costs so high, that if it hadn’t saved me a lot of miles and cash to travel via… Read more »

James K.
James K.
9 years ago

How would you say the old town compares to, say, Quito’s, (which I seem to remember you visited)