The Best Travel Hacking Advice Ever, from Online Travel Review’s Sign-Off

Jared at Online Travel Review is hanging it up after a decade of blogging sense and dry humor that included a find that nearly caused a second Icelandic financial crisis.

I am still hoping to get to Pago Pago on his Virgin America tip.

50 Answers to Your Frequent Flyer Questions is a classic.

The final signoff closes with 4 pieces of advice that should be framed and hung on the wall over all our computers:

– Don’t be an idiot about credit card churning. Stay within your limits.
– Don’t be afraid to fly coach and save your miles so you can take more trips.
– That business class seat is just a shitty version of your couch.
– Go and travel. And take your kids with you. I know this whole thing sometimes feels like it’s about the points. It’s not. It’s about traveling.

Thanks, Jared.

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